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MEIOMI Autotune Remix: Nice Fluffy Soil

I can tell you first hand, it makes you feel like a rock star when someone turns your work into an hit song complete with a music video…with a bit of “auto-tuned” help of course.  What exactly is auto-tune-ing you might ask?  We’ll it’s actually a tool used by recording artists to correct, or shall I say adjust the pitch in vocal and instrumental performances.  In this case, a So-Cal pinot-phile known as Angry Mike, used his editorial skills from his day job, created a catchy beat, added some background vocals and knocked a #1 hit remix into cyberspace.  But he didn’t stop there, he spliced the actual corresponding video footage from our informative Belle Glos and Meiomi videos online to create something worthy of MTV…possibly.  Angry Mike, you’ve got some real talent.  Thanks for taking our video presence to the next level.  And yes…although not truly a rockstar, I would be happy to sign autographs.

~ Joe Wagner, Winemaker & Viniculturist for Belle Glos & MEIOMI

3 Comments to “MEIOMI Autotune Remix: Nice Fluffy Soil”

  1. I wish you would have made this video a couple of years ago it would have been fun to discuss around the dinner table after a day of elk hunting.

  2. Unbelievable! Just posted it to my FB wall…everyone should see this. Angry Mike I want your skills!!

  3. I got my Ralphs to order it so now Vons, Costco and Ralphs. So cool they are running out make more!

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