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Food and Wine Pairing: BBQ and Pinot Noir

It’s always a delight when you find the perfect food to pair with your favorite wine.  When it comes to MEIOMI Pinot Noir, I think BBQ meats such as lamb, sweet Italian sausages and mushrooms wrapped in bacon are the best way to go.  Ah, yes… bacon is the perfect pairing for Pinot Noir.  Because of its balanced acidity, Pinots pair nicely with pork products with their juicy textures.  Before choosing a food to pair with your wine, I recommend you take a moment and get to know your palate.  As the wine glides across your tongue, you’ll notice different tastes - like perceived sweetness on the tip, acidity on the sides, fruit flavors on the mid palate, a supple viscosity or integrated tannin on the back finish.  The most important thing to remember is to always have fun with your food and wine pairings.  Nobody knows your palate better than you, so embrace that and take it to the next level.  Here is a video with one of my favorite pairings: MEIOMI Pinot Noir and BBQ meats.

~ Joe Wagner, Winemaker

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  1. My brother, the wine snob, picked this Pinot up from BevMo the night before heading down for a golf tourney. We sat around and thoroughly enjoyed the 07 Pinot! So now I want more–saw it at a better price at the local Safeway and will pick up 6 later today. But, what was really great, was watching the bbq video with suggested meats–and the emphasis on bacon. Thus, tonight we’ll be slumming it with bbq burgers – but I’ll lay bacon on the burgers and be right in step with your video = the fabulous Meiomi 07 Pinot and bacon! Your video will provide justification to my wife for my “pairing”! Thanks!

  2. Love it here at Gertrudes in Phoenix, AZ. Meiomi is one of our top sellers.

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