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The Wine and Cheese Conundrum

A real conundrum that people have is what cheese to pair with white wines.  Well, when it comes to Conundrum white wine, I personally like harder / aged cheeses, but it’s important to note that cheese is so subjective.  I enjoy Asaigo-style, Grana Padano, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Piave, Mahon sec and Manchego cheese to name a few.  With crackers or bread you can’t go wrong with Brie type cheeses with their buttery and mushroomy flavors.  Camembert, Blue Cheese and goat milk cheeses are fun too.  Everyone has a different palate and I like to encourage my friends to embrace what flavors they prefer regardless of what critics suggest. Don’t be afraid to break the rules in your wine pairing.  In fact it was that type of thinking that created Conundrum in the first place.  Is there a particular cheese that you think pairs best with Conundrum?  Please post it in our comment box below.  Cheers and thanks for reading.  ~ Jon Bolta, Conundrum Winemaker

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  1. I agree with your pairings, but another somewhat unexpected good match are pate’s! The full flavour of pate does so well with the robust mouth texture of Conundrum, you can even a non-sweet compote/jam. Now there’s a nice thought; cheese, pate, jam, crusty bread Conundrum. Hungry now!

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