Remembering Lorna Belle Glos Wagner


On October 2nd, 2013 – Lorna Belle Glos Wagner, co-founder of Caymus Vineyards passed away peacefully in her sleep in her home, surrounded by her family.  In 1972, she and her husband Charlie invested their life savings and started a small family owned winery called Caymus Vineyards with their son Chuck, who was 19 years old at the time.  Remembering their grandmother so fondly, Chuck Wagner’s four children share their memories…

“My grandma was an amazing lady who was always smiling and loving.  I don’t think I saw her get angry once.  I remember all the card games we used to play, the great food – especially the split pea soup – and how she was pleased by all the small things in life, a glass of wine and sitting outside.  I am blessed to have know her.” ~ Erin Wagner

“My favorite memory of my grandma is eating her famous canned peaches with her.  She would always make time for my siblings and/or cousins and I to sit down at her kitchen table and have a bowl of canned peaches and vanilla ice cream.  I can still taste them.” ~ Charlie Wagner

“Grandma taught many people the importance of smiling, laughing and letting go of the little things.  She made us all btter people in the process.  Just hours before her passing, with family by her bedside, I mentioned something funny about my sister Jenny and she burst out laughing.  We are honored to carry on her legacy and tell her stories for generations to come.” ~ Joseph Wagner

“Less than a week ago I was sitting outside of Grandma’s house with her soaking up the afternoon sun.  It was the perfect time to enjoy a glass of wine.  I asked if she wanted some wine and she said, ‘Oh!, well what kind, red or white?”  I told her we have some Conundrum (white) and she said, ‘Oh, I LOVE Conundrum!’  I poured her a little glass and she sipped it and sang some songs.  It was a wonderful afternoon.” ~ Jenny Wagner

Filmed on December 2, 2010 Lorna sits down at her kitchen table with son Chuck Wagner and her grandchildren Jenny, Joseph & Charlie.

Caymus Vineyards 2013 Bud Break

The growing season has begun!  Our buds are open and we’re starting to see the grape clusters form. Bud break came ahead of schedule this year,  between March 30th and April 1st, thanks to a warm Spring.  Soon we will shoot-thin to only leave two shoots per position, resulting in 1-2 clusters per shoot.  By reducing the number of clusters per vine, we are able to keep our fruit yields low to make a higher quality wine.  To learn more, please watch this video of my daughter Jenny Wagner talking about bud break.  To learn more about the other wines made by my family, please visit:

- Chuck Wagner, Owner & Winemaker


Caymus Vineyards 2013 Winter Pruning

After enjoying the winter holidays, my family and I are eager to get back to work in the vineyards and begin our 2013 growing season.  We come from a long line of farmers in the Napa Valley dating as far back as the 1800s and it’s a very exciting time for us to return to the vineyard, prune the vines, and see how we can set the bar of quality even higher than last year.  My son Joseph Wagner said it best in the video below, “From pruning through harvest, what we put into our viticulture at all of our vineyards, sets the stage for the quality that year.”

- Chuck Wagner, Owner & Winemaker

Having trouble playing the video?  Watch it here.

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